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I hate to say goodbye, but...

Unfortunately, not all good things last, and I have made the decision to drop this project. It's too much work, and I obviously don't have enough experience in computer science to get this extension where I want it. I need more time for other things.


Before you panic, Browser Store Plus will remain on all currently supported platforms. However, it will no longer receive updates, and I will no longer be responding to related feedback, but the extension as it is will be available forever on Chrome Web Store, Microsoft Store, and Firefox Add-ons.


Thank you for your continued support, and I hope you continue to enjoy Browser Store Plus.


- EnderAxolotl57, former creator of Browser Store Plus

Find the extensions and themes you need.

It's simple. Just activate the extension, type in a quick search query, and search your browser store.

Can't find the extension in a sea of icons? No worries? Activate with the press of a few keys.

Use Ctrl+Shift+F on Windows and macOS to even more easily open Browser Store Plus! This keyboard shortcut can be customised via your browser settings.

Built to be simple. Simply beautiful.

Browser Store Plus is built with design in mind. Its simple, minimalistic design makes it super easy to use. Even better, it's always being improved to make sure it always runs smoothly on the newest version.


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